The Benefits of Pilates

Carly's Pure Pilates

Pilates was invented by Joseph H. Pilates to strengthen and enhance the major muscle of the body.    Pilates  guards  against  unnecessary pounding or throbbing of the heart, muscle groups, joints and tissue.  

Pilates also increases your flexibility while focusing on the CORE  (stomach,  buttocks and back.)  Pilates  is also designed to create a much stronger spine.     Your posture will improve by working the connective tissue and stabilize muscles in between your major  muscle groups establishing thru Mind,  Muscle,  Spirit connection  that Joseph Pilates called   'Contrology'.   Pilates will teach you how  to breathe correctly which simultaneously reduces  heart strain, purifies the blood, and develops the lungs.   The method of Pilates exercises build a sturdy body and sound mind designed to allow you to perform every daily task with ease and perfection as well to provide tremendous reserve energy for sports, recreation  and everyday activities.   Pilates is by far the most effective and safe exercise method created by Mr Joseph H. Pilates. 

You will not only look better doing Pilates but also feel wonderful.